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We design robotic lines that will increase the capacity of your production and your competitiveness. Top-class and highly efficient robots can work nonstop 24/7 throughout the year. You can be 100% confident about the accuracy of the produced parts and the precision of our work. We will give your ideas a clear shape and will turn them into a technically reliable and smart solution. Difficult physical activities and dangerous activities are carried out by a robot.

  • Robotic Assembly Cells

  • Collaborative Robots

  • Robotic Manipulation

  • Robotization for Forming Machines

  • Robotization for Injection Moulding Machines


Implemented projects

Robotization for Injection Moulding Machines

A fully automated robotic cell for the operation of an injection moulding machine. The equipment contains vibration feeders for the preparation of several parts. Based on the selected regime of the machine (replacement of the injection form and the robot tentacle), the line is pre-set. The robot automatically removes contact pins and central rings prepared from the vibration feeders and puts them into the movable part of the mould. Once the parts are injected into the mould, the OK parts are removed, checked and taken to the exit conveyor.


Through a six-axis robot, the machine handles tubes of various shapes, diameters and lengths among the individual operations of the production procedure.

The robot takes the tubes according to the set program from one of the two feeders filled by the operator with a large number of tubes prior to the starting up.

Once the production is started up, the operator leaves the selected tubes and continuously comes back only to check the course of production. The workplace runs at 17 seconds’ intervals during which tubes go through six positions.


Do you need to handle the parts in your production precisely and quickly? To this effect, the most suitable solution is to use the Scara robot. For our long-term customer, we applied this robot directly in the production line where, thanks to its rapidity and accuracy, we were able to handle more parts within a several few seconds. In this particular case, parts from a control table were handled into the prepared blisters.


Complete implementation of the design and delivery of an assembly production line and testing of an oil pump

The project is implemented in close cooperation with our partner firm ATS-applied technical systems.

The semi-automatic assembly and testing line consist of an assembly station and two testing stations that are fully automated and attended by a robot.

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