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Through our own efforts and under one roof, we have built tens of unique machines facilitating the work of prestigious medical teams from the Czech Republic, Europe and the whole world and helping rescue human lives. Our technologies are the results of our customers’ visions, ideas and needs turned into precise and reliable solutions functional in the long term. See some of our projects. We will be happy to design innovative technology for you.

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Trystom implemented for us a production line for installing thermostat boxes, part of which was a difficult challenge demanding a solution to the fast pace of the line – a finished product had to leave the line in 3 seconds – and to the feeding of semi-finished products of complex shapes and with difficult orientation. We operate the entire equipment nonstop. For this reason, another main criterion for us was the absolute reliability and flawlessness of the equipment.

After an almost two-year operation of the equipment, producing millions of items on this line, I dare to say that the overall concept and implementation of the production line are in line with our prospects and demands submitted at the beginning of the project. Last, but not least, I would like to highlight Trystom’s ability to flexibly respond to new demands arising during the project, which were dealt with excellently by Trystom.

Jaromír Vemola
Process Engineer


Trystom is our long-term partner for industrial automation in the design and development of production lines and single-purpose machines.

One of the latest projects we implemented together was the modification of an existing production line and the design and development of a new washing line for a multinational producer and supplier of semiconductors and integrated circuits.

What I appreciate the most about the cooperation with TRYSTOM is the professionalism, proactive approach, and excellent communication with not only the management but also the members of the design team.

It is a long-term partner who is not afraid of challenges and is nice to cooperate with both technically and humanly.

Ing. Miroslav Horuta
Divizion of industrial automatization


Since 2019, we have been cooperating with Trystom in the implementation of projects for the industrial automation of production and installation lines and single-purpose equipment.

One of our first common projects was working on the automatic installation equipment for insulation technology products – Termoz SV II Eco twist. It was a machine for automated installation and management of the final product with the use of the EFFET feeding systems.

We cooperate with TRYSTOM by reason of their professional approach, flexibility, quality and active support in the implementation of projects.

Igor Behúň
Assemby & Lean Departments Manager
Member of Fisher group

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