Upravit stránku

A valve sorting machine serves for managing the quality and type of a valve. The station is designed as fully automated. After the replenishment, the parts are checked by means of three gauges with the accuracy of 0.01 mm at an interval of 3 parts per second and, subsequently, are precisely dosed into bags and conserved. The machine consists of a basic frame made of aluminium profiles and is located on the wheels. On the frame, there are aluminium boards serving as the basis for all parts of the machine.

The machine is logically divided into three functional parts. In the first position, the parts are poured into the vibration feeder from which they are directed and transferred to other positions where quality control takes place. Finally, the parts are dosed into the prepared bags and conserved through an automated dosage of grease. The machine is controlled by means of PLC Simatic and can be controlled or set with the use of a touch HMI panel.


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