Upravit stránku

Complete implementation of the design and delivery of the production line assembly and testing of the oil pump.

The project is solved in close cooperation with the partner company ATS-applied technical systems.

The semi-automatic assembly and test line consist of an assembly station, two test stations, which are fully automatic and operated by a robot.

The finished products are marked with a laser station and placed in crates by a robot. The boxes are automatically fed using roller conveyors and manipulators.

The assembly station is equipped with a servo press, automatic screwdriver with screw feeding, lubricant dosing and control of the presence of all components.

The test station checks the tightness of the product, the torque, measures the amount of axial play of the shaft and checks the functionality of the products.

The line control system ensures that all required information from the oil pump assembly and testing process is stored in a database. Achieved torques of individual bolts, results of tightness tests and functional tests.


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