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The implementation of the project constitutes automation of the welding cycle of four welding machines for the welding of the peripheral coatings of air reservoirs.

The project was implemented for our Czech branch Frauenthal automotive in Hustopeče.

The welding machines were additionally equipped with a specially designed camera guiding system for the precise and unattended positioning of the welding burner nozzles during the welding of the peripheral weld joint of the pressure vessel. The line of the removal of the peripheral coat and the air vent bottom is accentuated through infrared dim light LED units and scanned by the infrared camera sensor KEYENCE.

The equipment is designed to enable the continual guidance of the welding burner nozzles during the actual welding and to resist extreme heat, radiation, dust and vibration.

The control system of the automated guiding of weld burners is based on PLC MITSUBISHI.


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