Upravit stránku

Through a six-axis robot, the machine handles tubes of various shapes, diameters and lengths among the individual operations of the production procedure. The robot takes the tubes according to the set program from one of the two feeders filled by the operator with a large number of tubes prior to the starting up. Once the production is started up, the operator leaves the selected tubes and continuously comes back only to check the course of production. The workplace runs at 17 seconds’ intervals during which a tube goes through six positions.

One of the operations of the production process is the fastening of the end of a tube to a formed flange and the subsequent forming of the end of the tube. The flanges are automatically fed from a ring vibration feeder adapted to feeding nine types of flanges. The correct orientation is controlled through a camera sensor and incorrectly oriented flanges are automatically thrown down.

A major contribution for customers is the creation of new recipes. Once three parameters of the new tube are entered, the software will calculate new trajectories of the robot’s motion. A new procedure is a method of deburring the tube ends after forming when the desired result is achieved from the qualitative perspective.

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