Upravit stránku

It is a complete delivery of an automated workplace for forming the end pieces of aluminium tubes. The line consists of an entry feeder, four independent handling portals, an exit feeder of the finished tubes, and two vibration feeders for the automated feeding of parts. The entry feeder serves for loading up to 300 aluminium tubes 90 - 2000 mm long. In the feeder, the feeding, the oiling of the inner diameter with an oil mist, and the centring of the aluminium tune to the initial position take place automatically.

On the upper solid framework, there are four independent handling portals moving which transfer the formed tubes among the operations. The adjustment of portals is secured by means of servo-drives with an absolute encoder and pneumatic tentacles are used for grasping the tubes.

In the last forming machine, an end piece, fed to the machine automatically by means of two ring vibration feeders, is pressed onto the product. The vibration feeders have a capacity for 300 parts and 3 types of products. The course of the production processes is checked by means of sensors and, prior to the last operation, the formed end piece is checked by means of a digital profilometer and, subsequently, the part is put away to the OK/NOK feeder.

After the feeders are filled and the finished product is selected, the line works automatically at 12 seconds’ intervals and the operator comes to carry out a one-off inspection or to replenish the entry feeder or empty the exit feeder.

The line is controlled by means of the PLC system SIMATIC and all sensors, valves, and control elements are interconnected through digital communication I/O link.

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